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Hello mic test, hello!

Is this thing still on?

We’re selling JE Logo decals,

if you’re interested, visit us on

like and share our page, and watch out for more JE items.  :)

went on a vacation a week ago..
saw a couple of cute pandas...
it sure reminded me when aiba went to see and take care some pandas..

i cant help my self to fangirl over some trivial things~



this is my first attempt doing a typography.
i had a blast doing it..


101 Crafts for Tissue Roll Tubes


101 Crafts to make with toilet paper roll tubes
Museo Pambata's campaign to reduce, reuse and recycle!

this book encourages reusing scrap material and enhances creativity.


if anybody wants to avail, visit www.museopambata.org/

ISBN 978-971-771-024-2


Arashi Fanart


this are some of the samples for our upcoming arts and craft book
i just had to incorporate arashi,,,
i cant help being a fangirl.. 
this are made from tissue rolls.
yay recycling!







for other artsy fartsy: 
visit my deviantart page:


 Guess who likes Mirror man?




Cosplay Mania

a friend and i went to a cosplay event, 
the only reason i wanted to go there was i know that 
there somebody who will be selling Arashi merch.

on our way there, we stumbled upon a long line,
thinking it was the entrance to a kpop fanmeet
Jae Park was performing there. 

and so, we went to the hall were the event was 
supposed to take place, and to my surprise, 
it had a longer line!


as we enter the hall, there was huge Pocky tarpaulin
and i got really excited,
we browsed around the booths and saw all sorts 
of cosplay costume but there is one particular item on 
a certain booth that struck me...

here's what i saw...

i tried to calm my self, Sho looking at me like that.
Jeez! if looks could kill, id be dead right there and then!
so we browsed and saw other magazines...

i had to decide... but we got hungry...

so, we ate at Kimono Ken

we ordered gyudon, ramen, futo maki 
and KIRIN! yes! KIRIN, as much as i wanted
to try the Kirin Green Label beer, they didnt have that.

right after that feast, we headed back to the cosplay hall...
on our way back, i saw a toy store, and guess what it
had on its display..
 a huge super mario model,


finally we went back and bought the magazine.
there was also Ohno's art book, but it was way to expensive.

one last look around the hall, 
there was Good Smile Company
ive seen their products a lot from www.dannychoo.com


and here's what i bought...

yosh! what a nice day!




We must be over the rainbow.

The ARASHI rainbow it is! 

i decided to move since i had a hard time trying to figure out typepad.
so sad to leave Vox.. 

well, that's all for now.